Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following section for answers to frequently asked questions relating to the programme and its implementation.

The GLA:D® Programme is an education and individualised exercise program, based on recommendations from the international guidelines, aimed at assisting individuals with pain and/or disability resulting from osteoarthritis of the hip, knee or back.

The GLA:D® Programme is available in Denmark, Canada, China, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia, for contact information of each country please visit the Contact Page.

Not available in your country? We would recommend you speak directly with your health care professional about finding a suitable alternative.

The GLA:D® Programme is delivered by specific qualified health professionals; qualification of the health professionals will depend on the region it is being delivered in and particular expertise of the local team delivering it. For more information about becoming a GLA:D® accredited practitioner, please visit the relevant countries local page – Contact Page. GLA:D® training is currently available in Denmark, Canada, Australia, China, New Zealand and Switzerland.


Please note, GLA:D training is only available to eligible practitioners in the country they are trained in. If you are interested in implementing GLA:D in a new country please visit – How To Implement GLA:D Page

GLA:D® has so far been implemented in 5 countries, if you are interested in implementing the program in a new country please visit the – How To Implement GLA:D Page