GLA:D® is an evidence-based treatment solution for clinicians that includes education and exercise. The programme is a not-for-profit initiative hosted by the University of Southern Denmark, and has a registered trademark to help maintain programme quality.

There are currently GLA:D programs designed for people who experience symptoms associated with:

1. Knee and hip osteoarthritis.
This program provides an effective, high-value alternative to prescription of pain killers and other passive treatments and low-value referrals.


GLA:D® is a standardised, but individualised, treatment program consisting of two patient education sessions and at least 12 neuromuscular exercise therapy sessions. All sessions are group-based and supervised by a certified health care provider with expertise in osteoarthritis and exercise therapy.

2. Low back pain
This program is a group based program that includes 2 education sessions and 16 exercise sessions. Research has demonstrated feasibility of the program including replication in other countries. Additional work is underway to evaluate the patient outcomes.